Abstract/Paper Submission

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Academic track

1. Registration for abstract/paper submission is closed. Kindly contact Lesley Ferreira at lesley@cebisaconferences.co.za if you still wish to submit an abstract.
2. Login: http://www.sajg.org.za/index.php/sajg/login
3. Author guidelines: http://www.sajg.org.za/index.php/sajg/about/submissions#authorGuidelines

View Academic track submission guidelines here

Industry track

1. Registration for abstract submission is closed. Kindly contact Lesley Ferreira at lesley@cebisaconferences.co.za if you still wish to submit an abstract.
2. Log in to amend abstract: https://www.abstractwiz.co.za/accounts/login/
3. Author guidelines: https://www.abstractwiz.co.za/help

View Industry track submission guidelines here

Kindly note the Academic track papers will be published on the SAGC website. The Industry track papers will be published on http://www.africageoproceedings.org.za/

AfricaGEO invites presentations on a wide range of geomatics and geographic information science (GIScience) topics.


Developing Geomatics in Africa: Data fusion – Driving Value and Policy

Academic Topics

  1. Big data
  2. Geovisualization
  3. Spatial analysis and geocomputation
  4. Volunteered Geographic Information and crowd sourcing
  5. Open source
  6. Geospatial prospecting and acquisition
  7. Spatial data infrastructures
  8. Data quality
  9. Goeintelligence
  10. Early warning, risk management and resilience
  11. Cadastral and related issues
  12. Projections, datums and coordinate systems
  13. Geodetics
  14. Climate change
  15. Sustainable development and SDGs
  16. Transportation (sea, land and air)
  17. Topography and DEMs
  18. Drones
  19. LIDAR and remote sensing
  20. Surveying (geomatics)
  21. Land management
  22. Professional Practice/Standards/Education
  23. Building Information Management (BIM)
  24. Indoor GIS
  25. Other

Industry Topics

  1. Mobile Solutions
  2. Disruptive Technologies
  3. Natural Resource Management Solutions
  4. Earth Observation / Remote Sensing
  5. Mining Solutions
  6. Land Use/Land Development/Land Management Solutions
  7. Business, Insurance and Banking Solutions
  8. Disaster Management, Mitigation and Early Warning Systems
  9. Smart Cities / Internet of Things
    1. Safety and crime analysis
    2. Infrastructure Solutions (Water, Telecomms)
    3. Energy Solutions (Renewable, Coal, Nuclear)
    4. Government Solutions (Planning, Taxation, Urban Design)
    5. Health Solutions
    6. Education Solutions
    7. Transport Solutions (Road, Rail, Air, Water)
  10. Spatial/Urban Planning
  11. Agricultural Solutions
  12. Tourism Information Solutions
  13. GeoINT Solutions
  14. Census Solutions
  15. Cloud-based Platforms
  16. Professional Standards / Ethics / Conduct
  17. Other