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Confirmed Toolshed:

Stephan van der Merwe / Sven van Duffelen – Capturing real-time 3D data on the move – don’t get left behind!
OPTRON will demonstrate how the ZEB-REVO RT handheld laser scanner can be used to slash the time and cost required for complex indoor 3D mapping.
The ZEB-REVO mobile scanner, together with the real-time SLAM processing software, will demonstrate the ease with which one can capture geospatial scan data in just 10 minutes to create an accurate 3D building information model (BIM) for a complex space, compared with traditional scanning technology which would have taken eight hours.

Tool Shed – ZAR 11 000
The Tool Shed is where researchers and practitioners demonstrate new tools for adaptation. This will be in the exhibition area. Floor Space only for 1.5 hours.